Hints and Hacks for Giving Your Pet Medications

This infographic is courtesy of the Compounding Pharmacy of America. When necessary, we administer oral, topical and insulin injections to our client's pets at Pet Sitters of Weddington. We thought this might give pet owners some good ideas if the time comes for them to give their pets medications.

We have found the, "Sneak it into Food" method, "Make it a Game" method and "Apply While Eating" are the most common and efficient ways to get medications on, or in your pet.

Also, acting normal and relaxed, having a partner, and wearing gloves are excellent tips. Always wear rubber gloves when applying topical medications. Many could transfer through the skin so it protects the human administering the meds. Plus gloves can protect when doing injections.

Finally, if your pet gets treats, doesn't he or she deserve a yummy morsel for being a good boy or girl?

If you need a professional pet sitter who knows how to properly administer medications, check us out at www.PetSittersofWeddington.com


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