The Best Christmas Gifts for Dogs 2020

Just when we thought we couldn’t love our cherished dogs more than we already do… The pandemic hit, and the joy our pups bring us became more important than ever. Here’s a list of fun, useful, and creative Christmas gifts you can give to the dog-obsessed person in your life…

Who doesn’t get excited at the sight of a big bowl of chips and guac? Our pups seem to love these puzzle toys as much as we love digging into a bowl of the real thing. (click on the photos to purchase online)

We love a creative gift that serves a real purpose, especially during these shorter winter days. This LED leash and collar helps keeps you visible in the dark.

Not every gift has to be super fancy. This classic treat has always been one of our pups’ favorites.

We admit the flap on the back might not make much sense for a dog, but how cute would it be to watch your pup napping in these doggy PJ’s?

We’ve heard some people are actually capable of keeping their dogs off the furniture. For the rest of us, this machine-washable doggy blanket could be a happy compromise.

Another classic, these Bil-Jac treats are great for puppy training or for attempting to teach that old dog some new tricks.

A doggy ski parka? Enough said.

Santa galloping on a T-Rex squeaky toy… Likely to bring as much joy to your pet-owning friend as it is to their pup.

If $154.95 for an automatic ball launcher is a little over your gift budget this year (Yep, that’s a real thing) maybe purchase this Nerf dog ball launcher for $19.99 instead.

Ho Ho Ho!

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